Workshop « The Causes of Conflict in Ancient History and Politics » – Edinburgh, 25-27 May 2017


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Workshop Causes IASH

Thursday 25th May

  • 5.10-6.40pm: Keynote Lecture
    Sarah Brown Ferrario (Catholic University of America) : Historical agency and the ‘great man’
  • 6.40-7.30pm: Drink reception
    7.30pm: Dinner at a local restaurant

Friday 26th May

  • 10-10.30am: Registration

Chair: Carlo Natali (Venezia)

  • 10.30-11.30am: Cristina Viano (CNRS, Paris) and Catherine Darbo-Peschanski (CNRS, Paris):  Eris: une passion politique? / Eris: a political emotion?
  • 11.30-12am: Coffee break
  • 12am-1pm: Mirko Canevaro (Edinburgh), Aristotle, stasis and institutional change in Athenian democracy
  • 1-2pm: Lunch

Chair: Douglas Cairns (Edinburgh)

  • 2-3pm: Andrew Erskine (Edinburgh): Changes of Fortune: Polybius and theTransformation of Greece
  • 3-3.30pm: Coffee break
  • 3.30-4.30pm: Benjamin Gray (Edinburgh), Changing approaches to conflict and reconciliation in later Hellenistic cities
  • 4.30-5.30pm: Nicolas Wiater (St Andrews), Debating causes through history: the controversy about the causes of the Second Punic War from Fabius Pictor to Appian
  • 7.30pm: Dinner at a local restaurant

Saturday 27th May

Chair: Jean-Louis Labarrière (CNRS, Paris)

  • 10-11am: Marco Enrico (Genova) :Theou paragontos: responsabilité humaine et action divine dans les Guerres civiles d’Appien
  • 11-11.30am: Coffee break
  • 11.30-12.30am:Francesca Gazzano (Genova) : May flattery be a cause of war? The people and the commander in Plutarch’s Greek Lives
  • 12.30am-1pm: Final discussion
  • 1pm: Lunch

Organisers : GDRI Aitia / Aitiai - le lien causal dans la pensée antique, Le Centre Léon Robin et The University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology

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